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Robert Clare Beekeeper
A big hello and welcome,
I am an old
Essex beekeeper based in the North of Essex near Colchester working in partnership with the local honey bees producing natural pure Essex honey. My honey bee families are located in apiaries in the countryside and orchards around Copford, Marks Tey, and Colchester. The honey is unheated cold filtered and non pasteurised. Cold straining the honey means that the original pollen is retained in the honey and straining is only done to remove pieces of honeycomb wax. Honey which is heated above 45C destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes of the honey. Heating also affects the the natural aroma and flavour of the honey. I practice sustainable beekeeping as far as possible. My bees are locally adapted and I raise my own queens for my colonies.


Happy New Year

Please stay safe and keep well,

Robert Clare Beekeeper

07864 719526 (text or call)

Pure Natural Beeswax Candles

Benefits of lighting pure beeswax candles

Para-therapeutic and relaxing attributes of beeswax candles have been known for hundreds of years. They used to be used for liturgical rites and also for providing light to rich households.

They have an original and attractive look; they burn smokeless whilst producing a soft, gentle scent of honey and propolis, they also work as negative ionisers.

They eliminate electromagnetic radiation caused by electrical appliances and neutralize cigarette smoke.

Beeswax, the material the candles are made of is obtained from old wax and debris that are left out during the frame uncapping during honey extraction.

After melting and filtering it can be refined by adding various essential or fragrance oils, although it is not necessary.

The natural beeswax used in my candles is not imported but produced by my bees here in Essex.

It is a valuable commodity and takes time to extract and render.

Hay Fever

Oil Seed Rape Field Copford Essex
Bocking Windmill Essex and yellow Oil seed rape field
Woman standing in Oil seed rape field sneezing

Many of my customers have said that using pure local honey on a regular basis has helped their hay fever symptoms during the allergy season. Try some and see if it helps.


Red Worcester Apples on branch
Avenue of cherry blossom in orchard
ripe plums on branch

Some of the bees I manage are helping to pollinate local fruit growers trees. Pears, apples and cherries being the main varieties. The hives are sited within the orchards ready for spring time blossoms. Everybody benefits.

Bee Friendly

Queen Bee on Comb
Snowdrops in woods
Public Gardens at Bury St Edmunds Summer Flowers

Please plant bee friendly plants in your garden. Early spring flowering plants such as crocus and snowdrops provide early pollen source for the bees. Dandelions are a great resource for bees please leave a patch for them to grow on your lawn. Thanks.

Worker bee foraging on autumn ivy flower
Worker bee (Helen) foraging on Ivy flower

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