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E S S E X - H O N E Y

Discover Essex local honey direct from the Beekeeper

Oil Seed Rape Fields

Phoro of spring oil Seed Rape crop in Copford Essex
image © Robert Clare 2019

Oil Seed Rape has appeared in the fields around Copford near to my bee hives this spring time. There has been an absence of this field crop over the last few years around here. I am looking forward to collecting some OSR honey from the bees later in the year.

Honey Miod Krakow Christmas

Selection of honey for sale on Market Stall in Krakow Poland
Honey for Sale Krakow Christmas Market image© Robert Clare 2016

On a recent trip to Krakow Poland I came across this Christmas market stall selling honey and related products. I was amazed at the many varied types of honey (Miod) that were on sale. Honey varieties included Acacia, Buckwheat ,Bass Wood and Honeydew. Prices were comparable to English retail prices. Poland has a long history of Beekeeping and is one of if not the biggest honey producers in the EU. There are approximately 40,000 Beekeepers in Poland.

Krakow Poland Christmas Tree in Market Sq
Krakow Christmas Market 2016 image© Robert Clare 2016


Autumn Honey

A quick moment of diffused sunlight coming through the mist and fog presented a quick opportunity for update of web site front page images. White reflector and natural light used. A few Bramley apple windfalls and handful of leaves. Photographed with Canon 5D camera 100mm macro lens and Manfrotto tripod. Exposure was f8 1/50th sec and 100 ISO. Honey jar could have been centred more but I was in a hurry and missed this detail.

image of a jar of honey from North Essex raw honey
image © Robert Clare 2015

Bees and Borage

rural borage crop field Essex
image © Robert Clare 2015

These fields are buzzing with foraging honey bees in Copford Essex.

Christmas Santa Teddy Bear and Honey Jar

honey 0478 1webX
image © Robert Clare 2013