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Essex Honey

Flowering autumn ivy for bees

Honey bee collecting pollen from Autumn Ivy flower

Worker bee foraging on Ivy flowers. The Ivy is one of the important autumn flowering plants providing forage for bees. The stores will help them through the winter months. images © Robert Clare 2015

Bees and Borage

rural borage crop field Essex
image © Robert Clare 2015

These fields are buzzing with foraging honey bees in Copford Essex.

Essex Honey Bees Spring Start

Eseex Honey Bee Hives Spring
image © Robert Clare 2015
Great to see lots of early spring activity in a couple of my commercial beehives. There is lots of pollen coming in from crocus and tree catkins with plenty of bees foraging.The bees are queuing up to get in. Looks like the bees have wintered well and are off to a good start. It is a bit early in the year for a full inspection but things are looking good. All my hives are doing well lets hope it continues.