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Discover Essex local honey direct from the Beekeeper

Moving Bees in Winter

On these colder winter days it is a good time to move bees . The bees are not flying and are clustering tightly together in the hive to keep themselves and the queen warm. If you seal the entrance up and strap the hive together securely you can move anytime during the day. There will not be any flying bees out so they will not fly back to an empty space where the hive was. During the warmer days of spring and summer the bees are usually moved early morning or after they have stopped flying in the evening. When moving bees in winter you have make sure you do not break up the cluster by rough handling. On the next flying day the bees in the re-sited hive will need to re-orient themselves when they leave the unsealed hive. To assist this, leaves or branches are put in front of the entrance so the bees notice something different when they go out. If the hive was not moved far enough away ( 3 miles ) from the original site some bees may return to their original home. If moved a smaller distance the bees may cross old flight lines and return to old hive site. A beekeeper can leave a box at the original site to collect up any returning bees and then re-home them. If bees do return to the original site (summer or spring time) and find their home gone they can go to another hive in the apiary. They are usually let in by the guard bees especially if they are bringing in nectar or pollen. There might be the odd scuffle though !

The old beekeeping adage is to move bees a distance of under 3 feet or 3 miles.

Moving bees during the summer is another story.

fir branches in front of beehive entrance

Benefits of lighting pure beeswax candles

Para-therapeutic and relaxing attributes of beeswax candles have been known for hundreds of years. They used to be used for liturgical rites and also for providing light to rich households.

They have an original and attractive look; they burn smokeless whilst producing a soft, gentle scent of honey and propolis, they also work as negative ionisers.

They eliminate electromagnetic radiation caused by electrical appliances and neutralize cigarette smoke.

Beeswax candles, and their process of burning in particular, soothes and calms you down, makes breathing easier, heals blocked sinuses and provides relief for running nose and asthma and even reduces high blood pressure. It is recommended to burn candles every day from 15 to 60 minutes.

Beeswax, the material the candles are made of is obtained from old wax and debris that are left out during the frame uncapping during honey extraction.

After melting and filtering it can be refined by adding various essential or fragrance oils, although it is not necessary.

photo of pure beeswax bee candles

Christmas Gift Local Raw Honey from Essex

Jar of Essex Honey with bee candles

I have a good stock of pure Essex honey. A jar of honey is an inexpensive Christmas holiday gift.
Summer and Spring Honey available. Plastic reusable containers used if honey is sent. £5.65 for 1lb.
Local Essex Beekeeper


essex honey and candles in festive setting

Copford Church Essex Spring Daffodils

Daffodills and Copford Church Essex
Copford Essex Church of St Michael and all Angels ©Robert Clare 2017

Copford Church seen through an avenue of daffodils and lime trees. A beautiful Spring time view repeated every year. The nectar from the flowering lime trees in the Summer produces an exquisite honey made by my local bees.

Honey Miod Krakow Christmas

Selection of honey for sale on Market Stall in Krakow Poland
Honey for Sale Krakow Christmas Market image© Robert Clare 2016

On a recent trip to Krakow Poland I came across this Christmas market stall selling honey and related products. I was amazed at the many varied types of honey (Miod) that were on sale. Honey varieties included Acacia, Buckwheat ,Bass Wood and Honeydew. Prices were comparable to English retail prices. Poland has a long history of Beekeeping and is one of if not the biggest honey producers in the EU. There are approximately 40,000 Beekeepers in Poland.

Krakow Poland Christmas Tree in Market Sq
Krakow Christmas Market 2016 image© Robert Clare 2016


Autumn Honey

A quick moment of diffused sunlight coming through the mist and fog presented a quick opportunity for update of web site front page images. White reflector and natural light used. A few Bramley apple windfalls and handful of leaves. Photographed with Canon 5D camera 100mm macro lens and Manfrotto tripod. Exposure was f8 1/50th sec and 100 ISO. Honey jar could have been centred more but I was in a hurry and missed this detail.

image of a jar of honey from North Essex raw honey
image © Robert Clare 2015

Flowering autumn ivy for bees

Honey bee collecting pollen from Autumn Ivy flower

Worker bee foraging on Ivy flowers. The Ivy is one of the important autumn flowering plants providing forage for bees. The stores will help them through the winter months. images © Robert Clare 2015

Bees and Borage

rural borage crop field Essex
image © Robert Clare 2015

These fields are buzzing with foraging honey bees in Copford Essex.

Oil seed rape raw honey essex

jar of oil seed rape honey imageĀ© Robert Clare 2015

I have a small quantity of this years oil seed rape honey for sale @ £5.00 a 1lb jar.

This raw cold filtered honey is straight from the hive. It is a soft set honey ready for your toast.


Green Desert for Bees in Essex

Agricultural Tractor sowing Wheat
Image©Robert Clare 2015 Black-headed gulls following tractor sowing wheat

Keeping bees in Essex

Living opposite a field and keeping bees it is always nice to know what crop is being sown.
This year it is wheat. So my bees are going to have to fly further and use up more energy to find suitable nectar and pollen sources. Lack of forage for bees in the countryside is a problem. The lack of wildflowers is not helping the situation either. In past years the main flowering bee friendly crops around Copford have been Oil Seed Rape, Borage, and some Mustard. I hope the bees can find some ! Did you know it takes about 556 worker bees to produce 1 pound of raw honey from about 2 million flowers. You can help by planting some bee friendly plants in your garden.


Essex Honey Bees Spring Start

Eseex Honey Bee Hives Spring
image © Robert Clare 2015
Great to see lots of early spring activity in a couple of my commercial beehives. There is lots of pollen coming in from crocus and tree catkins with plenty of bees foraging.The bees are queuing up to get in. Looks like the bees have wintered well and are off to a good start. It is a bit early in the year for a full inspection but things are looking good. All my hives are doing well lets hope it continues.

Messing Village Sign Essex

Messing Essex Village Sign and Church
image © Robert Clare 2015
Local to me the Essex Village of Messing cum Inworth the ancestral home of George W. Bush former President Of United States of America has a sparkling newly painted village sign. The Church of All Saint's behind the sign was originally built from the rubble taken from a nearby Roman villa. The Church has a beautiful enamelled glass east window it was created by Abraham van Linge in 1628 and represents acts of mercy shown to those who were sick,hungry,thirsty,naked a stranger or in prison (Matthew 25:26)


All Hives have made it through the winter and things are going well for the Bees. The warmer weather has helped.

Essex Snowdrops

photo of crocus plant
Robert Clare 2014

Snowdrops still flowering in Copford Plains Essex. Good early pollen supply but lack of bees foraging. Temperature bit too low.

Honey Sir ?

During a New Year sort out I found my old vintage hand painted wooden sailor friend from the 1930’s. He was used to offer small items or business cards in shops and business premises. He stands 30 inches high. I have had him for 44 years. He has served well. I have had many offers for him to jump ship.

honeysailor 0533W
image © Robert Clare 2014


Christmas Santa Teddy Bear and Honey Jar

honey 0478 1webX
image © Robert Clare 2013



New Twitter Account opened @honey_essex