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Hazel catkins vital food for bees in early springtime

photo of spring catkins from Hazel tree
image © Robert Clare 2019

The above picture is of a hazel tree (Corylus avellana) covered in catkins just behind some of my hives. The pollen from the catkins provides protein for the bees to use to feed the new larva and bees in the hive. Hazel catkins along with other early spring flowers like crocus and snowdrops are vital pollen resources for the bees. Please plant some in your garden.

Interesting fact:
Bees find it difficult to collect hazel pollen and can only gather it in small loads. This is because the wind pollinated hazel has a pollen that is not sticky and actually repels one grain against another.

photo of spring snowdrops in wood pile
image © Robert Clare 2019 Pitts Wood Snowdrops Copford Essex